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Welcome to my (somewhat obsolete) online portfolio. This site will be updated soon.

Regardless of how the world seems to be today, it is still unacceptable for one to go about his or her business in an asinine or petty manner. Such is the way of the graphic arts... if you are designing something that is going to be viewed by the public, don't you want it to draw the eyes of many instead of turning people away? Sadly, there has been too many bad billboards, aggravating artwork, worthless websites, and dirt-poor publishing.

Killa Shark Grafx was started up in early 2003 as a freelance venture for this one purpose: to prey on and devour the competition that has been dominated by shabby and poor graphic design work, and replace it with something better, at a better price.

I will have to admit that I was a born artist, who started drawing at the age of three... not simply scribble, either; they were characters, people, figures, etc. Over the years, I have perfected my talent, studying heavily (sometimes to great burden) to better myself, adding graphic design to my already sharp skills. With so many odds against me, I have still managed to push forward, graduating with honors and a Bachelors Degree in Art at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 1998. I have been in the graphic arts field for over twenty years since, winning the acclaim of clients, employers and rivals.

After building up my portfolio to quite a reputable standing amongst my peers, I have concluded that it was definitely the way of the shark that has made myself the outstanding graphic artist that I am today... fast, and dangerously effective.

This is not simply graphics...

It's got bite...

It's certainly killa...

It's Killa Shark Grafx!

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